Would you like to meet a real authentic indigenous tribe from Amazon Brazil?

Would you like to have an experience with the Shanenawa people from the Nova Vida tribe, live with them in the Amazon jungle and Experience their culture of spirituality and sacred medicines?
The Shanenawa people open their doors for you to visit their community and better understand their customs, culture and sacred plant medicines.
In the heart of the Amazon rainforest and located in the Brazilian state of Acre, the Aldeia Nova Vida tribe will receive us for five days in its community. We will experience an immersion in the spirituality of the Shanenawa People, receiving from the Great Spirit Iripá, the healing and the strength of the Sacred Medicines of the Amazon Forest.
Nû Imisi Nimeranua Rauhu Ayakayati – Healing with the Medicines of the Forest, is a direct encounter with the Rumeyas and Ni Paē (shaman), the guardians of Shanenawa ancestry of Aldeia Nova Vida. Living Nû Imisi Nimeranua Rauhu Ayakayati is a connection with the medicines and wisdom of the indigenous peoples of the tribe Aldeia Nova Vida.
The Rumeyas and Ni Paē of Aldeia Nova Vida will bring the strength of nawe rushûite (snuff-ha’pe), vetxesheketi (sananga, natural eye drops from the forest), ruahu kayati (medicinal herbs) and Uni (Ayahuasca) to help us in the healing process of our body and soul.
For five days we will experience immersion in the spirituality of these people, receiving the healing and strength of the Amazon Forest Sacred Medicines from the Great Spirit, Iripá. This is a true connection with all the wisdom of this rare and ancestral people, the People of the Blue Bird.
Want to meet and know the tribe of Aldeia Nova Vida, its customs, its games and sacred medicines ? We have created a program for you to live a fantastic experience with the indígenous tribe of Aldeia Nova Vida on the following dates:
Shanenawa Nû Imisi Nimeranua Rauhu Ayakayati Experience | October 18-22, 2021