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This master plant has been known for centuries by shamans and the natives from South America as a spiritual awakening plant that sets your mind, body & spirit in the right direction. Experience the wonder of our AYA Drops and order yours today!

Sacred Hapéh

For centuries, tribes in the Amazons have used Rapé as the engine to drive spiritual enlightenment by detoxifying the mind and body. Rapé is made with an organic blend of leaves, trees and mapacho all found in the Amazon which delivers strong soothing effects. Rapé works by decalcifying the Pineal gland, and clearing blocked energies in our body.  A great tool for meditation and Spiritual Cleansing. Remove all the negative energy in your life and soothe your mind and body with our Rapé and order yours today!

Powerful Effects

These aya drops are made from pure fresh cut vine from deep in the jungle of amazon.

Elevate Consciousness

Our AYA drops allows you to connect with yourself on a deeper level that raises self awareness and consciousness.

Live In Harmony

B.caapi is also known as the vine of the Soul which has tremendous healing effects for the mind, body, and soul

100% All-Natural

All of our products are sourced from the Amazons without any added chemical ingredients so what you get is 100% natural from the planet.

Sourced From The Amazons

Aya (B.caapi) is a south American brew made by indigenous tribes in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

Ancient Old Tradition

The sacred tradition of Aya ceremony is very pricey and not many have the resources to go to the Amazons and pay for this ritual. So we brought the ritual to you!

Made With The Purest Ingredients

We made sure our microdosing doesn't lead to any psychoactive effects while self-medicating. The ingredients in our products are all-natural, safe, and include zero DMT.

In support for the indigenous of Brazil, a percentage of every sale we receive is donated to an indigenous Amazonian tribe.

Currently, we are helping the Shanenawa people of the Nova Vida tribe. Due to the recent floods in Amazon rainforest, these people have lost their homes and have been forced to relocate and rebuild in a safer location. All donations gained from sales contribute towards Shanenawa relief in order to aid their community during this particularly difficult period.

In the spirit of conscious business, we aim to provide a product and service not only for you, but for a wider cause.

Why AyaDivine

If You Like Nature, You’ll Love AyaDivine

Transcendent Experience

You’ll experience a transformative and spiritual awakening you can’t get from other products, plants, or solutions.


All of our products at AyaDivine are 100% natural and from the Earth.

Expand Consciousness

There is more to the world than you think. AYA drops will help you see the beauty in the world around you.